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The Opal Ridge Series

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Opal Ridge (Book One)

Amidst the harsh landscape and beauty of the Australian outback, two people are unsure that they're ready to commit to love.

Jenna Mackenzie is ready for a change in her life. So, when her brother is injured just before he takes a job in the outback, she leaps at the chance to take his place. If only her new boss was so thrilled ...
With a history of hurt and betrayal by women in his life, Charles Carmody is certainly not happy when a young upstart from the city comes to play jillaroo on his sheep property. Only coaxing from his father persuades him to let her stay.

What happens when Jenna's fresh innocence meets Charles icy heart? Will she be able to melt his heart?


Opal Ridge is the first novel in Victoria Capper's trilogy of outback romances. It covers the joys and trials of living in the Australian outback as well as the inevitable relationships that develop. In its way, Opal Ridge is both a romp through the vernacular of life in the bush and a story of great depth.

The Governess (Book Two)

Outback adventure becomes outback magic?

Thea, a quiet shy girl wants a change – something different for an adventure. Bruce, a quiet, hard-working, country man is looking for practical help.

Thea finds life in the far west more challenging than she expects – men carrying guns, huge spiders, murky water. What will she find next?

She finds Bruce, a very attractive single man who is in desperate need for a woman's touch to help with his two young daughters.

Attraction is immediate, but can it survive this harsh environment? Will they find a magical outcome to their problems together?


The Governess is the second novel in Victoria Capper's trilogy of outback romances. A beautiful story told with gentle humour and an authenticity only possible from an author with an intimate knowledge of outback life.  



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Courting Trouble (Book Three)

Romance and adventure in an unusual, fascinating setting.

Deep and entwined characters in true to life conditions.


Tony is good-looking, charming. His flamboyant personality on the surface hides great personal tragedy. It drives him out there, courting trouble in all areas of his life, hiding from reality.

Neat, petite and feisty, city girl Sheila is new to the area. When she meets Tony she is oh so interested.  She has a lot going for her, but has she got the emotional depth to cope with all that life throws at her now?

This book reflects the intensity of human emotions magnified by the isolation and fierce beauty of the Australian outback. Romantic dramas highlight the ups and downs, the highs and lows, the bliss and the misery of tangled, passionate relationships.

The characters are deep and intertwined, the settings and conditions are true to the life of this unique area.


Courting Trouble is the third and final novel in Victoria Capper's trilogy of outback romances.

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