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William Roberts President World Federation of Merino Breeders.



Victoria Capper genuinely gives an insight into the life on a typical Australia Outback station. Her books are a great introduction to the life of the people in these remote areas where a lot of our merino sheep are run. It is obvious that she knows her subject well and gives a genuine insight into the trials and tribulations, the joys and satisfactions. Circumstances are different around the world and even in different parts of Australia, but reading her books gives a great insight into the way of life in one of the world's great merino breeding areas and she presents it as light entertainment, The settings are remarkably realistic and give an insight into everyday life I would recommend her books to anyone who wants a thoroughly enjoyable read and at the same time will give a sense of the Australian outback

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Joan Scott OAM JP



Well done Victoria Capper for writing so sensitively of outback life. Her books are easy to read and the characters so true to life. While the hurdles they encounter are undeniable, the beautiful setting and intriguing stories make her books well worth reading. They give a picture of how country people cope and somehow manage to survive with the help of their communities though there are people who just were unable to carry on. Her books tell it all.

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Peter Hacker President Queensland Merino Stud Sheepbreeder’s Association



How refreshing to read any words committed to paper by Victoria. Her extensive background knowledge of life in western Queensland gleaned from living the life herself for over fifty years on the property established by her forebears in 1906. Droughts, floods, fires, good times and bad are all told from first hand experience as is Victoria’s great knowledge and love of merino sheep. Her family have bred this mighty breed of sheep for over a century with great passion and success. Such a deep understanding of the life led by all living in Western Queensland certainly makes for the development of engaging plots and yarns in Victoria’s novels.

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Prue Galley Internationally recognized physiotherapist, author and academic



Victoria Capper’s books are a most enjoyable read. She writes many layered stories with much to enthral readers about outback life. In one sense potted history of life on the land over a number of generations and yet a tight and gripping story in which love is never far away. The day to day work involved in managing an outback property is well described as are the community events when people come together from their isolated stations to enjoy socialising and catching up with the latest 'gossip'. It is clear that the author knows her subject well. She also takes the reader into the bush with its ever changing moods that stimulate the senses.. The beauty of the dawn, the ferocity of the climate extremes and the delight of seeing native animals and birds in their natural habitat are all keenly observed and described with great sensitivity. She writes beautiful stories that uplift the spirit

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